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World Karate Union
Abbreviation WKU
Formation 1996
Type Sports association
Legal status Federation
Official language
English is the official language.
Website World Karate Union

The World Karate Union (WKU) Hall Of Fame was established in 1996 as a means to honor martial artists for their unselfish contributions to the martial arts. While some names are more recognizable than others all are deserving of respect and acknowledgement.citation needed Nominees are selected through ballots which are sent throughout the United States, Europe, Russia, South America, Canada, the West Indies and Australia. The WKU Hall of Fame event is considered "prestigious" and is attended by many notable martial arts VIPs.1

The majority of inductees are recommended directly by the WKU Board Members and past inductees. The criteria are based on extraordinary excellence in the martial arts and tireless devotion to the community.

The World Karate Union has never bestowed rank or given any degrees to anyone. The WKU does acknowledge a person's rank, however if one is looking to be promoted, that is not what the organization is about and there are other organizations that can accommodate.citation needed

The World Karate Union Hall Of Fame chooses its Board Members carefully and relies on them to verify credentials of nominees.

Some noteworthy inductees include:

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