Tae Soo Do

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Tae Soo Do
Tae Soo Do Hwa Rang Do Logo
Tae Soo Do Hwa Rang Do Logo
Also known as Taekwondo
Tae Soo Do
Hangul 태수도
Hanja 太手道
Revised Romanization Tae-su-do
McCune–Reischauer T'ae-su-do

Tae Soo Do was the name some major kwans (schools) of post-Korean War South Korea agreed to call their martial art.

The name Taekwondo was dropped due to various controversies and Tae Soo Do was chosen to be the new name for their martial arts. The Korea Tae Soo Do Association submitted its documented creation to the ministry of education on September 22, 1961.1

Choi Hong Hi was unhappy with this change and succeeded in 1965 changing the name back to Taekwondo with the reformation of the Korea Taekwondo Association.

The name Tae Soo Do (Way of the Warrior Spirit) is also a style created by Joo Bang Lee as an beginners program to the Hwa Rang Do martial art system.citation needed It has no relation to Tae Kwan Do or this "original" Tae Soo Do, created by the unified kwans.