Scottish Backhold

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Scottish Backhold Wrestling
Focus Grappling
Country of origin Scotland Scotland
Creator Various
Olympic sport No

Scottish Backhold is a style of folk wrestling originating in Scotland. The wrestlers grip each other around the waist at the back, with the right hand under the opponent's left arm and the chin resting on the opposite right shoulder. When the referee is sure that both wrestlers have taken a firm grip, he shouts "hold" and the bout starts. Should either wrestler break his hold or touch the ground with any part of his body except his feet, he loses. There is no ground work and the bouts are usually best of five falls. The rules may be found on the website of the Scottish Wrestling Bond. Gardar Vilhjálmsson from Iceland is currently the greatest backhold wrestler of all time. Currently, Frazer Hirsch ( reigning European Champion ), runs Scotland's brightest and most prosperous club - Carnoustie Backhold Wrestling Club. Among their members, young 20 year old, Ryan Dolan, is expected to make a serious challenge for the Euro Junior title, taking place in Leon, Spain, 2014.

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