1. Mike

    Hey thats great, She looks like she is enjoying it.

    My son is 4, nearly 5 and I have been teaching him (trying) Xing Yi, so far just San Ti, Pi and Zuan. I find it quite difficult to hold his attention so was thinking of trying to find a childrens martial arts class. I’m not too worried what it is as long as he learns something and the teacher seems good.

    I myself learnt Judo and Shaolin Wushu as a child, and am sure they set me up with a good foundation for other things.

    I think Aikido is perfect for a young girl to learn, graceful.

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      It requires a lot of patience when it comes to teaching kids, I know myself certainly won’t be able to do a good job, I even got fed up on working with teenagers. So I took the easy way out (and forget about the father-daughter bonding thing), just let the pros take care of it.

      My intention was to let Vivian to participate in either Aikido or gymnastic (there isn’t any Judo class around here), the reasons being both teach you how to fall correctly (how to protect yourself in a falling situation).

      In my humble opinion, since you have a Judo background, it is more fun to teach your son how to fall and roll on the ground rather than throwing some kicks and punches.

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