1. eric

    mmm….do Master Zheng Mingxing give online course?
    What style he has?Henan or Hebei?
    Can i make a conversation woth him via email?
    Thx before

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      Sorry for the late reply.
      1. My shifu doesn’t give online course.
      2. He simply calls his style as “Xingyiquan” (this will be discussed in a separate post).
      3. He doesn’t understand English and he doesn’t know how to enter Chinese characters, therefore it is impossible to contact him via email at this stage.

  2. Reply

    Beyond the abilities of his age, I am happy to see traditional Xingyiquan is still living in China. Hopefully this will effect the younger generation to learn what is the process of learning.

    Best regards,

  3. Jonathan Bluestein

    Hi Dennis,

    Thanks for the info and video. I’d be happy to add your teacher to the lineage chart I made and had put up on Wikipedia. If you don’t mind, please send me his lineage details via email. Thanks 🙂

  4. charity for children

    hmm, i would like to learn how do some of those moves, interesting

  5. tiger jeffers

    Wonderful skill from the elder! Enjoyed it very much. Salutes.

  6. Caleb Angrignon

    Does he still teach in the park in jiaxing these days?

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      No, he is not teaching publicly nowadays, he has left the teaching part to his students. He only teaches his old students these days.

  7. Alexander

    So, he is still alive and practicing, i’m very glad to know. Really great master.

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      Yes, I went to China to train under him twice last year.

  8. Yetlew

    Changed my world too… Thank you very much.

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