Sha Guozheng – Xingyiquan 03

  • Sha Guozheng – Xingyi ZaShiChui (Mixed-Posture-Fist)

  • Sha Guozheng – Xingyi DaLianHuan (Large-Linking-Form)

Sha Guozheng (沙国政, 1904 – 1993), from Rongcheng City of Shandong Province, was a famous martial artist in recent martial arts history. Sha started martial arts training at the age of 7, he has learned from Jiang Huating (姜华亭), Liu Guangxing (刘光兴), Zhai Shuzhen (翟树珍), Wang Zhezheng (王者政), etc. in Taijiquan, Xingyiquan, Baguazhang, Tongbeiquan during his early years, Sha later studied under Jiang Rongqiao (姜容樵, 1891 – 1974). Sha Guozheng began his martial arts teaching career at 20 years old and became his lifetime career. Sha has composed numerous wushu taolu (forms) by blending different sub-style of his learning, e.g., Jixing (Rooster-Form), Dalianhuan (Large-Linking-Form) and Sanshoupao (Sanshou-Two-Person-Form) in Xingyiquan.

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