1. John Sessler

    I read the book and thought it was great. I was a little surprised to find out that the author is only 23 , but after ready his book and watching his numerous vids on the internet, I think he has alot of potential as a martial artist. I just love his attitude and whole philosophy, and overall training methods. One of the few guys I have seen that leaves out all of the ego, mysticism, and favortism in martial arts. He’s humble, raw, and open-minded. My only complaint from the book, is that I wish it had more pictures, but still…..its quite a read with many gems of inspiration. 😀

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      @John Sessler

      On the issue of having “more pictures” in the book, you can incorporate Randy’s Youtube videos with the book.

      p.s. I am still owing Randy a review of his book. Sorry mate.

  2. John Sessler

    Yeah, I have seen some of his vids. I will have to check out more of them. I also enjoy the tutorials and interviews that you post as well. If you find any more good Hsing I Chuan themed books like this one, please be sure to post more. Its hard finding such a content saturated book these days.

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