My Taijiquan Teacher – Jiang Lan

I met Jiang Lan at Jiaxing City during my martial arts searching trip to China in April 2005. I started to learn Taijiquan from Jiang since then. Jiang is a scholar at heart, I love his innovative way of Taijiquan teaching and clear explanation of Taijiquan theory. As Xingyiquan is my major, I only learn the basic of Jiang’s Ye Style Taijiquan.

Jin Renlin, Jiang Lan and Dennis at Jin's Shanghai residential, May 2009.

Taijiquan and Jiang Lan

  • Jiang Lan (江澜, 1965 – ) was born in a Chinese medical family, his father is a traditional Chinese Medical Doctor. Jiang’s first contact with Taijiquan was his father learnt Taijiquan and practiced it day and night at home in 1975. Jiang, like most of us, thought Taijiquan is an exercise for old people, he did not take up Taijiquan from his father.
  • Jiang Lan learnt Taijiquan under Wang Qingfa (王清发) during his practical year of his law degree at Jiaxing in 1987. The style of Taijiquan taught by Wang was Yang Style Taijiquan under Li Yaxuan (李雅轩, 1894 – 1976) lineage.
  • Jiang Lan started Ye Style Taijiquan training under Cai Guangqi (蔡光圻, president of Jiaxing Wushu Association) in 1992. Jiang left his work as a judge of Jiaxing court and started his own business in 1993, he traveled, learnt, seeing and pushing hands with many other Taijiquan practitioners and teachers all over China with the convenience of his business from 1993 to 1997.
  • Jiang Lan met Jin Renlin (金仁霖, 1927 – , student of Ye Dami) and started his Ye Style Taijiquan training under Jin’s guardianship in 2003. Jiang travels from Jiaxing to Shangai to learnt from Jin Renlin every weekend since 2003.
  • Jiang Lan has been teaching Taijiquan since 1993, he is currently teaching at one of the park of Jiaxing City in the morning and his own “martial arts workshop” in the evening. Jiang also traveled to teach Ye Style Taijiquan upon invitation.
Jiang Lan

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