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networkedblogs’s Partners: is a blog on the Traditional Chinese Neijiaquan (Internal Martial Arts) of Xingyiquan (Hsing I Chuan), featuring Zheng Mingxing’s Xingyiquan and activities of Sabah Xingyiquan.
Best of Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) Instructional and Documentary Videos: Chen Style Taijiquan, Yang Style Taijiquan, Wu Style Taijiquan, Sun Style Taijiquan, Competitive Taijiquan and Push Hand. (武术万国网) is a forum based website in Chinese language on Traditional Chinese Martial Arts, featuring forums including Ye Style Taijiquan and activities of Ye Style Taijiquan practitioners.


Yes! Taiji (太极拳好!)
Yes! Taiji is a martial arts microblog in Chinese Language for martial artists.


Friendly Links:
Mark’s personal martial arts site. The focus of the site is primarily Chinese Internal Martial Arts (sometimes Neijia Quan) and the name Beng Quan was chosen as a reference to a technique from Xingyiquan which Mark is studying. The main arts discussed will be Xingyiquan, Baguazhang and Taijiquan.

Sanshou Xing Yi Quan
Sanshou XingYiQuan brings XingYi back to its fighting roots. Internal martial arts are well known for their health aspects, and gives the user more “sensitivity” in grappling. But, they forget that the Neijia arts were used by soliders, bodyguards, and scholars alike. A martial art is only as useful as the user is creative. If you want your xingyi to be good, you have to ask yourself…can this move be used as a strike? A submission? a takedown? a trap? a grab?…you must not be limited to one way of thinking.

Dojo Rat
Dojo Rat – Martial Arts, Political Arts, And The Art Of Living Simply. A blog of a martial artist in transition, beyond youthful angst into middle-mellow; this Rat shares a dojo with similar vermin on an island off the coast of Washington State.
Jon’s Dai Style Xinyi blog. The purpose of this blog is to share some of Jon’s personal thoughts about the arts occasionally, but the main reason is to promote his teacher, grand master Yan Long Chang. Jon’s mission is to spread this beautiful art (Dai Shi Liu He Xin Yi Quan) to all corners of the globe, to sincere prospective students.

Memphis Internal Arts
A martial art school dedicated to promoting the Internal Martial Arts lifestyle. Physical Conditioning, Stretching, Neigong, Martial Arts, Meditation, and dietary concepts (including herbs) are all taught so that students can live a healthy balanced life.


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