Li Wenbin / Li Hong – Shang Style Xingyiquan

This Shang (Shang Yunxiang) Style Xingyiquan video was originally filmed by Japan Company, it was later translated back into Chinese. Although this video featuring Li Wenbin, most of the moves were performed by his son, Li Hong.

  • Introduction
  • Santishi (Three-Body-Posture)
  • Wuxingquan (Five-Element-Fist)
  • Wuxing lianhuanquan (Five-Element-Linking-Form)
  • Wuxing Lianhuandao (Five-Element-Linking-Saber)
  • Bashiquan (Eight-Posture-Form)

Li Wenbin (李文彬), born in 1918 at Liaoning Province, has started training officially in Xingyiquan with Shang Yunxiang (尚云祥, 1864 – 1937) in 1933. Li was committed in the promoting and popularised Shang Yunxiang’s Xingyiquan. Li, together with Shang’s daugther Shang Zhirong (尚芝容, 1923 – 2004), were the authors of Shang Style Xingyi Boxing and Weaponry (《尚氏形意拳械抉微》). Li Wenbin passed away at the age of 79 in 1997.

Li Hong (李宏), born in 1954 in Beijing City, is the son of Li Wenbin (李文彬). Li has carried on his father’s work of the promotion of Shang Style Xingyiquan, he has published two books and numerous DVDs as the sequences of Li Wenbin’s earlier publication.

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