Jia Yongan – Xingyiquan 08

  • Jia Yongan – Xingyi Jixing Siba (Rooster-Four-Strike)

  • Jia Yongan – Xingyi Jinggang BaShi (Jinggang-Eight-Posture)

Jia Yongan (贾永安, 1962 – ), from Beijing, started martial arts and Xingyiquan under his step father, Luo Dacheng (骆大成, 1930 – 2009), in the 1970s. Jia also studied under Luo’s seniors such as, Liu Jingru (刘敬儒), Yang Tong (杨桐) and Wang Shixiang (王世祥), in the field of Xingyiquan, Baguazhang and Wu Style Taijiquan. Jia is holding a 7 duan (dan) from China Wushu Association. Jia Yongan is the current president of Xingwu Wushu Center, vice president of Xingyiquan Research Center of Beijing Wushu Association and committee of Beijing Wushu Association.

More about Jia Yongan and Xingwu Wushu Center: xingwutang.com

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