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    Respectfully. Not sure I agree with all the fact of this article. Most likely just the wording. But wuxingquan was evolved from Dai Clan laosanquan which was already the Dai family method BEFORE they inherited xinyiliuhequan from Li Zheng. This is why you dont find wuxingquan in xinyiliuhequan. Respex.

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      Hi Tiger Jeffers,

      Thanks for dropping by XingyiMax.com.

      Let me clarify this:

      When Xinyiliuhequan was passed on to the Dai family at Qi County of Shanxi Province, they took a step further by concentrating all Xinyiliuhequan techniques and thus “created” Wuxingquan and Laosanquan (Old-Three-Fist).

      The word “they” here means “Dai family”.


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