Gao Baodong – Che Style Xingyiquan Demo

Further to the previous post “Xu Wenhui / Gao Baodong – Che Style Xinyi Large Spear Instructional“, I’ve made a search on Gao Baodong and found this video, a complete system demo of Che style Xingyiquan by Gao Baodong.

Gao Baodong (高宝东) was born in Taigu County of Shanxi Province in 1941. Gao trained in Che Yizhai Style Xingyiquan at young age under the guardian of his father Gao Qingying (高庆瑛, 1892 – 1979, student of Liu Jian). Gao later studied under Wu Zhitai (吴治泰, student of Liu Jian) at 16 years old. Gao Baodong entered Taiyuan Amateur Martial Arts School in 1959 and studied under Pang Lintai (庞林太) and Li Guichang (李桂昌). Gao is well known with his Xingyi Spear skill, he was referred as the “Number One Spear of Shanxi”. Gao Baodong obtained a 7-Duan (dan) of China Wushu Association and he held numerous posts at different martial arts associations of Shanxi Province.

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  1. harry pauwels

    good film fot to have an impression of che xing yi quan but only bad quality.

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