1. Tim

    I like the videos from Di Guoyong, it is very similar to what I was trained by my first Xingyiquan sifu. Actually it was the videos of Di Guoyong that helped me figure a few things out after mysifu stopped teaching Xingyiquan.

    I am thinking about trying to contact Di Guoyong the next time I am in Beijing and see if he would actually meet with me.

  2. Tim

    Cool, thanks

    And I have been trying to get information abuot another sifu in Beijing but so far no luck. Do you know anything about Jia Yongan of the Xingwu Martial Arts Club in Beijing?

    I saw him on the Emptymind Films documentary of Warrior of China and I liked what I saw and heard.

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      Jia Yongan is teaching at the Temple of Earth (Ditan) in Beijing at 9.00am every morning. You should be able to locate his training ground (it’s at the south-west corner of the park) if you ask around at the Temple of Earth (it’s a big park with an area of 42.7 hectares).

      Jia Yongan’s contact numbers are 81848969 and 13801155399 (mobile).

      Xingwu Wushu Center official website: http://www.xingwutang.com/

      Xingwu Wushu Center email: beijingxingwu@yahoo.com.cn

      • Tim

        Thank You very much, I will hopefully be in Beijing this year for a few weeks (depending on my job, it could be a few months) and I will try and meet with Jia Yongan if possible and maybe meet with Di Gouyong as well.

        Again Thank you

  3. Tim

    One more question if you don’t mind

    What is you feeling about Wudang Xingyiquan?

    I have an opportunity to train Xingyiquan with a man (Monk) trained at Wudang and I have been without a sifu for a couple years now and I am seriously considering going to train even though it is not Hebei style.

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      1. Although Xingyiquan was not originated from Wudang, it does fit well within the concept of Wudang martial arts, I see no reason why Wudang Xingyiquan should be discriminated by other Xingyiquan branches.

      2. It depends on the level of your teacher and you, it doesn’t require a professor to teach at primary school level. You can always look for another teacher when you reach higher level.

  4. decemar

    im going to enter the english

  5. decemar

    im going to enter the karate version

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