1. Mike

    You have got a very nice jing behind your Wuxingquan.
    I noticed that with your Pi you retract and then advance the front leg, I have also noticed that Shang style Xingyi practitioners do this also, is there a reason behind this?
    Thanks for posting Dennis,
    Happy Training.

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      Thanks for the compliment, my wuxingquan is far from being ideal, I graded myself a C- based upon this video clip.

      The reasons behind retracting the front leg are:
      1. to training the co-ordination between the arms and legs;
      2. there is a backwards movement hiding in it, if you observed closely, you will notice the retracted feet were touched the ground at all, it is free to move backwards and deliver a strike at the same time, similar to the backwards Beng in the Five-Element-Linking-Form.

      • Mike

        Thanks for the reply Dennis.
        I have to admit I have practiced Pi and Zuan Quan with retracting leg myself sometimes just as a variation, and to train the 6 harmonies. But wasn’t something I was taught, just something I experimented with.
        Hey your Wuxing isn’t bad at all, but of course you have to be Critical of yourself to constantly improve, and in my opinion the Wuxing are the foundation which you can constantly improve and see how you are changing.
        I practice some of the five fists every day and no 2 days are the same, I constantly find things I need to improve on. This is why I believe Xing Yi Quan to be the most beautiful of arts to practice as it’s beauty lies in its simplicity.
        Thank you for all of your hard work , you have IMO the best Xing Yi website I know of.

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          Sorry for the late reply, poor internet connection for the last couple of days.

          Well, when I watched my first move, the Santishi, I wanna slap myself immediately, the body should not “sink” with the downwards strike, instead it should “raise upwards” (it is just a intent, it should not be an exaggeration up rise movement as in Japanese sword chopping moves, you should get what I mean here).

          I have to admit that I do have a tendency of showmanship with the camera, you can clearly see that I did over doing it (over extending my strikes and body forwards) on the first few Piquan, if it was at a public demo or street fight, I should be in a lot of trouble. My other weak points include my body, hands and feet coordination was way off, my posture was poor and some bad habits.

          I felt damn good about myself until I watched this video… well, back to the drawing board, damn…

          Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there are many martial artists out here who think Xingyiquan is ugly. I was constantly being asked why I chose Xingyiquan? My reply was I don’t know, it just like I love my wife and get married with her, I can’t figure out the reason until today, lol.

          Thanks again for your support of XingyiMax.com.

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